Bless me, October :te_029: Another 15 days and it’ll be my Bday yay~ :shibadance:

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🇹🇭 Criminal Code, Section 112–known as lèse-majesté–shouldn’t have existed anymore. If people can be under Deflamation Law, so does the monarchy. They must change it and adjust their luxury lifestyle to make a living as a normal citizen, or else just abolish this parasite system.

ไปเล่นหลังบ้านนิดนึง ทำเอามีปัญหากับ Pleroma อยู่ไม่กี่นาที :wb15: แต่หายละ กลับคืนค่าเดิมหมด ไม่ซนละจ้า 555 เดี๋ยวเว็บวูบทั้งคืนอีก

The cards just dropped trice (×4 by a meteoric chain) on me at once! It made 12 overall :blobhaj_tiny_heart: Moreover, I also got Nigel Bird blueprints and 1 set of cards drop from a Moon Night Bat nearby while being in an offline battle mode :afroggy: yay~

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Just completed deleting about 60% of my toots to free my media storage…a bit. I decided to blabber at @abracadabra instead and will try to reduce tooting images–if I can LOL.

Still, Iʼll remain being a fangirl for my favorite books, games, bands and so on here :dance_cool_doge:

Just noticed that I also lost 2FA access for Protonmail other Nintendo…

A good monarch is only those who abolish themselve and stop the vicious cycle–in order to stop the evils of classism.

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Well, I came home to obtain a new ID card today :comfyshiba: (Itʼs already 1 in the morning here.) Just found out that I have nothing to wear at home at all… Dad gonna lend me his smallest t-shirt 👕 while Aunt M lemme pick her jeans 👖 (which I would do without much care but the size LOL). Such a fashion for an official photo taking… :weibo_d_doge:

❌ currently have an expired ID card
⭕️ was pickpocketed


ได้มื้อเย็นละ :blobhaj_tiny_heart: หมด 555 รีบทำทิ้งไว้ก่อน พ่อเตือนมาว่าช่วงเย็นอาจมี urgent situation

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ได้หมึกบั้งฟรีซมา 1kg 🦑 ยืนย่างไปกินไปแปปเดียวหมดไปครึ่ง เบรกตัวเองแทบไม่ทัน :blob_raccoon_melt: แหะ ๆ ของชอบอ่า

Textbooks I chose to review my 🇩🇪 skills.

1⃣ Practice Makes Perfect: it clearly lacks some info like exceptional rules and related ideas, but that won’t affect me much. I only need to review (since the beginning,) not learning (since the beginning). Oops :blobcoffeeraccoon:

2⃣ & 3⃣ Hueber for A1 (the lowest level!): Among all 4 skills, what I’m kinda bad most is speaking skill. Its AR function is going to support me so. (Already tried some :birdroll:)

Used to think I can post whatever I want, but I now have to think about my media storage in exchange with privacy and authority… :dogroll:

You shall be missed–in some ways, Queen Elizabeth Ⅱ. I couldn’t say RIP as she can’t really do so.

Queen Elizabeth II, the UK’s monarch for the past 70 years, has died aged 96


On International Literacy Day, let’s raise awareness about the significance of literacy and make it an important milestone for everyone. Literacy plays a key role in transforming lives and empowering people. Our goal should be to ensure no one remains unlettered in society.


@cwt นี่โดนละเอียดแบบนี้หลังเข้าโรงพยาบาลกับสมัครคนละครึ่งเฟส 3 ค่ะ–ของรัฐบาลทั้งคู่ มุ่งเป้าไปที่รัฐบาลนี่ล่ะค่ะตัวดี :pacochi_tai:

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