Textbooks I chose to review my 🇩🇪 skills.

1⃣ Practice Makes Perfect: it clearly lacks some info like exceptional rules and related ideas, but that won’t affect me much. I only need to review (since the beginning,) not learning (since the beginning). Oops :blobcoffeeraccoon:

2⃣ & 3⃣ Hueber for A1 (the lowest level!): Among all 4 skills, what I’m kinda bad most is speaking skill. Its AR function is going to support me so. (Already tried some :birdroll:)

심연 Trapped in the Dark (Spoiler) 

📌 lezhinus.com/en/comic/trapped_

Everyone may say 🔞 is problematic :blobcoffeeraccoon: Yes, it clearly is :blob_raccoon_melt: To be honest, the more to read, the more it leads to both horny and creepy–all at once. Gotta say this was a brilliant work of dark BL comic.

시월드가 내게 집착한다 (Spoiler) 

📌 series.naver.com/comic/detail.

It’s already half past 4 yet I’m soooooo into rn :blobcomf:

The title firstly lured to think about such lovey-dovey stuff, but it’s actually in emotional drama genre that relates to life & death–mostly :raccoon_tea:

:hakuzou: Another slow process :blobfoxcomfycomputer:
At least I don’t need to mess with the hair…anymore? :usamaru030:

Show thread

…Just finished spending this night dealing with my e-mail problems :blobfoxcomfycomputer: Everything must be fine and safer now :chobi3:

The shoes just arrived today 👟 :fsfe:
It’s been years since I last prepared this kind of thing for long-term outdoor activities :mastodance: Feels both excited and scared… :comfyshiba:

New haircut 

Just got a new hairstyle ✨ by my youngest aunt 💈
It doesn’t meet my liking, but she was so happy to play 💇🏻‍♀️ on me…

Well, it’ll be longer anyway :dogroll:


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