Suddenly go back to play Ragnarok M 🤣
Being a poor newbie on new maps… :EveOneCat43:

Just recovered my dummy archbishop acc ytd :_stars: My fashion sense on him 18 months ago just– :raccoon_tea: LOL

Other than mainly being :_stars: an Arcane Master (wizard), a Spirit Whisperer :EveOneCat14: (doram–cat race) is awesome as well~ :agummywhee: Its cuteness is just fit to take a screenshot even with this kind of background :pop_cat:

Another playable character under the same account of mine 🎁 :agooglehearts: I love her since she’s made a lot of money 💰 for me, but everyone says my fashion sense choosing this headwear has a problem… :blobraccoon: What problem? She’s absolutely adorable!!! :drake_like: :agooglehearts:

…Another 4 cards after switching to iPad :dogcited:
It’s a better Saturday now~ :blobfoxcomfysleepy:

Another step of my paladin :afroggy:
Mama is proud of ya :aRainbowSheep: :yanagiyuu_heart3:

First time in ET without a priest…and pampered my paladin too much :blob_raccoon_melt:
It ended up that I completely forgot using him… :wb15: :ripMe:

It’s too fast that I almost couldn’t believe I’m a highest class of this job now…but here I am~ the Soul 💀 Binder!!! :amongUsDance: :agooglehearts:

Tested new skills in Guild Dungeon–a.k.a. Vahalla Ruins💀⚔️


The cards just dropped trice (×4 by a meteoric chain) on me at once! It made 12 overall :blobhaj_tiny_heart: Moreover, I also got Nigel Bird blueprints and 1 set of cards drop from a Moon Night Bat nearby while being in an offline battle mode :afroggy: yay~

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